Introducing the WordPress Microtipping Plugin

We installed a fresh copy of wordpress at for you to give this a try.

I have configured the installation so that registrations are open and new users default to the Authors Group. You must be a member of the Authors group to post or to set your IOTA donation address.

Start by registering for an account and verifying it by clicking the activation link in your email.

Then click profile under the admin dashboard when you login.

Input your IOTA Donation Address.

All Set! Go ahead and create a new post and click publish.

View your post and your Iota Donation address appears.

Hoover over the IOTA logo for a QR Code.

To send a tip just scan the QR Code with the Android IOTA Wallet.

Click the Green Button to send a tip.

Based on code from noneymous provided here:

Download 1.0 Beta Plugin

View github

Next on the list is a WooCommerce plugin. All tips below are much appreciated!

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