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The mission of is to incentivize activities positively affecting the environment.

But how will the rewarding mechanism decide which activities are positive to the environment and which are not?

This problem can be solved in two different ways.

1. By empowering Ideas which are already validated by a trustworthy system.

Imagine a small town has to implement a waste management plan. But the people in the town may not always comply because they simply do not see any incentive in complying. What if provides the town administration with a platform which they can easily integrate into their system? This platform will make it possible for the town administration to make very small rewards in IOTA to the people who comply. In this situation, people are incentivized to perform an action which the implementing organization feels to be positive to the environment.

This widens the applicability of the technology to a wide variety of entities as:

  • Organizations
  • Trusted individuals
  • Governments
  • Institutions
  • So on and so forth.

This situation can also be thought futuristically in terms of Internet of Things (IoT).

Implementations in this particular scenario can be made automatic and repetitive using chips and sensors making the rewards significant enough to strongly alter human behavior.

 2. ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’

a) By utilizing the power of social networking.

Supporters of the initiative will be motivated to post stories of activities they do or ideas they have, which they feel are positive to the environment with a marker like #iota4earth for easy recognition by the system. Supporters of the project on that particular social network can micro-reward the posts they like, using IOTA micro-reward bots which will be integrated by into all major social networks.

b) By building a dedicated platform within the website.

This will function using a similar reward-bot mechanism but will be more sophisticated and much more organized, enabling better pooling and ranking of posts. This platform will have the potential to gradually evolve into a melting pot of multitude of bright ideas from all over the world breaking all geopolitical, linguistic, economic and racial barriers which prevent free flow of ideas. Functioning with an inbuilt platform will also help in building a huge community of supporters and volunteers.

In both (a) and (b), the principle of ‘Wisdom of the crowd’ will come into action and the better stories will get rewarded more thereby incentivizing actions behind those stories.

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